ADLASER - Consultoria e Segurança, Lda.

In Portugal, adLaser is a pioneering company in laser safety training and consultancy. The importance of good professional practices and knowledge of standards in this area led the company to develop support activities for companies, professionals and other decision takers who use lasers to enable them to carry out their activities in a safe and competitive manner.

The adLaser company undertakes activities throughout Portugal in the field of safety relating to laser and other optical radiations from artificial sources, in the following areas:

- Consulting
- Training
- Translation
- Products
- Measurements



The adLaser company provides enterprises, managers and users of equipment, which in some way use laser radiations or other artificial sources of optical radiation, with a better understanding of the hazards, precautions, standards and safety legislation, depending on the hazard classes of the used laser equipment.


To be the main reference point for Laser Safety and a reliable partner for its clients.


The adLaser company is driven by Rigour, Quality and Innovation